About Neighborhood Play

Welcome to Neighborhood Play! This blog was designed to keep people in the loop about what Brewers players are up to in their communities and what is going on with the the Brewers farm teams. Many minor league baseball teams take a lot of pride in their community involvement. The purpose of this blog is to have a space to keep those interested up to date. The name for this blog, Neighborhood Play, was chosen because it is actually a baseball term.

In baseball, a neighborhood play is a force play where a fielder receiving the ball in attempting to force out a runner at second base, catches and quickly throws the ball to first base in a double play attempt without actually touching second base, or by touching second base well before catching the ball.

Neighborhood Play seemed like a fitting name because these minor league team’s players are in the surrounding neighborhoods, playing around. Thanks for checking out Neighborhood Play and don’t forget to check out our twitter account @neighborhoodply

(There weren’t enough characters to spell out “play”)