It’s a Wisconsin Thing

I know that I just posted about the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers last week, but this is too good not to share. And by too good, I mean delicious! The Timber Rattlers opened up a contest to their fans, again, to come up with different foods they may want to see at the park this summer. The submissions are always crazy, but this year, they’re out of the park! You can check out the submissions here or keep on reading on to get the juicy details. You can also vote for your favorite food here!


For those of you who may not know where this team I speak of is…

Wisconsin Graphic

When I say “It’s a Wisconsin Thing,” it is. Most people outside of Wisconsin don’t even know about our delicacy-the cheese curd. *palm to face* But forget just eating a cheese curd by itself! Throw them on a big juicy hamburger, and with a couple extra toppings, you have yourself a “Beer Cheese Pretzel Burger.” If that doesn’t scream Wisconsin, I’m not really sure what does. In addition to cheese curds and the hamburger patty, this bad boy has crispy bacon and beer cheese sauce all in between a toasted pretzel bun.

beer cheese pretzel burger

Photo Credit: Timber Rattlers

Beer Cheese Pretzel Burger

Next on the list, we have a “BLT Hot Dog.” This doesn’t represent the Wisconsin like Beer Cheese Pretzel Burger, but it does still sound pretty great. The name pretty much speaks for itself in that it is a hot dog with all of the toppings of a BLT, which are obviously bacon, lettuce and tomato. But it doesn’t stop there. Throw a little mayo on it and slap it on a toasted hoagie roll and wa-lah! “BLT Hot Dog.”


Photo Credit: Timber Rattlers

BLT Hot Dog

For all of the people that love to get their wings on Wednesdays (or whatever Buffalo Wild Wings changed it to now), look no further than to the “Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.” This sandwich has all the goods. It has shredded buffalo chicken and bleu cheese dressing all on a toasted split top bun. But wait! This is Wisconsin, so of course we need some sort of cheese on there. So don’t forget about the nacho cheese sauce!


Photo Credit: Timber Rattlers

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

On deck we have “The Dinger Dog,” but up to bat now is the “Poutine Hot Dog!” If you thought that the only submission containing cheese curds was the Beer Cheese Pretzel Burger…LOL. “The Poutine Hot Dog” also has those little golden brown pieces of goodness on it. This submission includes: a Cher-Make hot dog, french fries and brown gravy. All of this is served on a toasted hoagie roll.


Photo Credit: Timber Rattlers

Poutine Hot Dog

Batter up! Last but not least, we have “The Dinger Dog.” (For those of you who aren’t really into the whole baseball thing, a dinger is a term used for home run.) The Dinger Dog is a “bacon wrapped Cher-Make hot dog, nacho cheese sauce, crispy fried onion strings and topped with Mad Dog & Merrill #One BBQ sauce and served on a toasted pretzel bun.”


Photo Credit: The Timber Rattlers

The Dinger Dog

That’s all of the submissions, folks! I chose this topic because I think it’s pretty cool that the Timber Rattlers include their fan base in decision-making like this! People have fun with it and it gets people engaged with the organization. Make sure to head over to the Timber Rattlers schedule to see when you can get to a game and find one of these delicious combos on the menu!



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