Timber Rattlers Ask Fans to Create New BP Jersey for 2017 Season

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are known for their involvement within their community and the state of Wisconsin. Getting the fans involved is something that they find great satisfaction in, and they do it well. This year, for the second time in the past five years, the Timber Rattlers extended an invitation to their fan base to create a new BP (batting practice) jersey for the upcoming 2017 team.

Having worked for the Timber Rattlers for four years, it was fun to see this project come together for the first time, and it was impressive to see how much involvement the contest had in terms of submissions. Two years ago, in 2015, the Timber Rattlers held the same contest and the winning one is pictured below:bp

(Photo credit: Timber Rattlers)

The design was a hit among the Timber Rattlers staff as well as the fans and the players. The snake skin pattern on the sides of the jersey was inspired by the team mascot, Fang, who is obviously a snake. This year, the team held the same contest and the winning jersey is pictured below:


(Photo Credit: Timber Rattlers)

It will be really exciting to see this jersey on the 2017 Timber Rattlers team! Head over to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers website to check out some other promotions that they have going on throughout the summer including theme nights and more contests!

Community involvement is more present in some organizations more than others, but the Brewers Organization as a whole (with the exception of one or two teams) do a really great job with giving back to their surrounding communities and getting the fans involved. There are going to be some more contests coming up with the Timber Rattlers, including a food contest where fans submit some food items they would like to see at the park. That winner will be announced on March 6. Make sure to check out my next post about that and stay tuned for more fan involvement with the Brewers organization(s). Would you take part in an opportunity like this?

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